Mise-En-Scène Performance & Stage Design

Inside a custom-built wedding venue, the performance for Mise-En-Scène was staged ‘in the round’. 

The bride entered down a curved staircase that led from a concealed walkway above. As she started her descent, the translucent curtains rose to reveal her grand entrance.

As the entertainment began, the circular stage and seating layout drew guests into the glamour and energy of the musical performance. From each vantage point, guests were immersed in the theatricality of the Khaleeji and Egyptian music and dances. Transitioning in style and tempo, the performances took guests on a musical journey that reflected the mood of the evening’s key moments. The different courses and food selection was also curated to match the transitions of the entertainment.

Towards the end of the evening, a dynamic performance by celebrity Nicole Scherzinger transitioned the experience into a concert-like ambiance.

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